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Bangla Na Ele
Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana/ Housing for All (Urban) (HFA)
NFSA list of Panihati Municipality
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Panihati Samadhan
Base Map of Panihati Municipality
Current News & Events
Current Tenders
Corrigendum No. PM/IT/022/2017-18 Dated. 28.08.2017
Corrigendum for the NIT No. IT/021 Tender/2017 dated 22.08.2017

NIT No. IT/021 Tender/2017 Dated. 22.08.2017
Supply and installation of Operating system (Windows-10) for several departments at Panihati Municipality.

NIT No. PM/IT/020/2017-18 Dated. 22.08.2017
Supply and installation of Toners of 5550dn HP Color Printer at IT Department at Panihati Municipality.

NIT No. PM/PWD/NIT-01(e)/17-18 Dated. 31.07.2017
Construction of Municipal Building ( 1st Floor ) over the Health Center at 1 No. D.B Nagar R.N Ave in Ward No-16 under Panihati Municipality

NIT No. WBMAD/PM/PWD/NIT-8(e)/2017-18 Dated. 31.07.2017
Renovation and Beautification of existing Panihati State General Hospital outdoor in ward no. 31 (single storied) under Panihati Municipality

NIT No. PM/PNHM/GCM/002/17-18 Dated. 31.07.2017
Supply & erection fitting and fixing 16m high must light at the place Nawajpara Bose Pukur W 35 Natagarh Bhombholar More W 34 Jagarani More W 19 Milan Sangha More W 16 Tri Pally W 26 Junction P B. Ghat Road and B T Road W 7 B T Road near Vivekananda Mission W 8 On Panja Villa Road B T Road Crossing W 8 Bikao Khalifa More W 8 Harritage Park W 10 On Nilganj at Gandhi Nagar More W 10 & 11 Brindabon More near 6 no Rail gate W 23 2 nos Ramchandrapur Trenching Ground W 23 Naya Bastee W 7

NIT No. PM/PNHM/GCM/001/17-18 Dated. 31.07.2017
Supply & erection of 100 nos 9.0m steel tubular pole with LED Luminaries in road side for road lighting in view of safety point & beautification along Sodepur Barasat Road (from B.T. Road to Notun Rasta 7 along B.T. Road from Girja more to Aryan School)

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