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Setting of Industries in Panihati Municipal Area
  1. In 1920, Surendranath Bose had established a latex and rubber industry named “BENGAL WATERPROOF” which was popularly known as DUCKBACK” even today. It was started by founder Surendranath and his three brothers Jogendramohan, Ajitmohan, and Bishnupada at their house in Calcutta. Later that small factory was shifted and established its new factory at Panihati in 1932, which was called “BENGAL WATERPROOF WORKS Pvt. Ltd.”
  2. In 1922, famous chemical scientist Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy had established a chemical industry at Panihati named as “PANIHATI BENGAL CHEMICAL”. This industry was started  experimentally in 1893 and used to produce various chemical items. Raj Shekhar Bose was one of the organizers of it who was closely related with this industry since 1904 till his death in 1960. In 1977, the India government had undertaken this industry and in 1980, “THE PANIHATI BENGAL CHEMICAL had become a central government under taken organization.
  3. On 25th September,1934, a cotton industry was established at Panihati, named BASANTI COTTON MILL which was organized by Sri Subodh Chandra Mitra. This industry was inaugurated by Rabindranath Tagore and was presided over by Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy. The name BASANTI was taken from the name of the wife of DESHBANDHU CHITTARANJAN DAS.
  4. Another two cotton industries were found by Ray Bahadur D.N. Chowdhury and his son Sri Chandrachur Chowdhury. These industries were called  “BANGASHREE and “SODEPUR COTTON MILLS. Now these two industries are under the NATIONAL TEXTILE CORPORATION, Govt. of India.
  5. Earlier there were another three industries at Panihati, built by an industrialist of that time named B.N. ELIUS. He had established the first tobacco manufacturing company of Panihati “NATIONAL TOBACO COMPANY, a heavy machine industry named “MODERN INDIA CONSTRUCTION LIMITED and a jute manufacturing industry named AGARPARA JUTE MILLS”. Now the MODERN INDIA CONSTRUCTION LIMITED is run and managed by the TEXMACO of BIRLA GROUP, where earlier iron bars, beams, scales etc. were manufactured.
  6. Earlier another cotton mill was existed at Panihati named BANGODAY CUTTON  MILL”. Later the PEERLESS NAGAR  ESTATE was set up on that land.
In those days sugar industry at Sukchar was one of the best in eastern India. The local SETH family was the market leader of that sugar industry. Even today in Varanasi one type of sugar called SUKCHAR SUGAR is still in production.
In those days a place called KAMARPARA of Natagarh was famous for manufacturing padlocks. The local KARMAKAR family was linked with that industry. Padlocks were exported in Germany and other European countries.
Earlier Agarpara was famous for the manufacturing of boats. The local AGHORE community was attached with that industry. Later they came under the GANGA  ACTION PLAN project of the govt.
  1. On 2nd January,1927 Mahatma Gandhi had inaugurated a renounced cottage industry-“THE KHADI”. Gandhiji used to come here for several purposes. Once he said, “Sodepur is my second birth place”.
  2. In 1931, Sri B.K. Shah had established “SODEPUR GLASS HOUSE” which was the first day light mantle factory in India. In 1949, this organization had changed its name as “INDO-ASHAHEE GLASS COMPANY LIMITED”
  3. There were formerly glass works at Sodepur, which were named after the BENGAL GLASS Co. from 1891 to 1902.
Present Industries
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