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Mahatma Gandhi at Sodepur (Panihati)
  Image Gallery of Gandhi at Sodepur
  1. http://www.gandhimedia.org/cgi-bin/gm/gm.cgi?img=&search=sodepur&cat=&bool=and
    Mahatma Gandhi talking with Abul Kalam Maulana Azad, Calcutta
  2. http://www.gandhimedia.org/cgi-bin/gm/gm.cgi?search=sodepur&img=15&cat=&bool=and
    Mahatma Gandhi in a meeting at Khadi Pratishthan, Sodepur, 24 Parganas
  3. http://www.gandhimedia.org/cgi-bin/gm/gm.cgi?search=sodepur&img=30&cat=&bool=and
    Mahatma Gandhi carrying Abha Gandhi's niece at Khadi Pratishthan, Sodepur
  4. http://www.gandhimedia.org/cgi-bin/gm/gm.cgi?search=sodepur&img=45&cat=&bool=and
    Mahatma Gandhi with Dr. Sushila Nayar and others at Sodepur Ashram
  5. http://www.gandhimedia.org/cgi-bin/gm/gm.cgi?search=sodepur&img=60&cat=&bool=and
    Mahatma Gandhi with his co-workers at Sodepur Ashram
  6. http://www.gandhimedia.org/cgi-bin/gm/gm.cgi?search=sodepur&img=75&cat=&bool=and
    Mahatma Gandhi interacting with Ramkrishna Bajaj at Khadi Pratishthan, Sodepur
  7. http://www.gandhimedia.org/cgi-bin/gm/gm.cgi?search=sodepur&img=90&cat=&bool=and
    Patel and Nehru in a meeting with Gandhi at Khadi Pratishthan, Sodepur
  8. http://www.gandhimedia.org/cgi-bin/gm/gm.cgi?search=sodepur&img=105&cat=&bool=and
    Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Jawaharlal Nehru at Khadi Pratishthan, Sodepur
  9. http://www.gandhimedia.org/cgi-bin/gm/gm.cgi?search=sodepur&img=120&cat=&bool=and
    Handwritten letter from Mirabehn, Muzaffarpur, India, to Mahatma Gandhi
  10. http://www.gandhimedia.org/cgi-bin/gm/gm.cgi?search=sodepur&img=135&cat=&bool=and
    Mahatma Gandhi with members of Birla family at Khadi Pratishthan, Sodepur, Calcutta, c. 1946.
  11. http://www.gandhimedia.org/cgi-bin/gm/gm.cgi?search=sodepur&img=150&cat=&bool=and
    Mahatma Gandhi and KAG Khan at Khadi Pratishthan
Mahtam Gandhi with eminent personalities and people at Sodepur
Mahtam Gandhi in news at Sodepur
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