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Obligatory Function
In The Sphere of Public Works :
  1. Providing by itself or by an agency, means for supply of water for public and private purposes;
  2. Construction, maintenance and cleansing of sewers and drains, sewerage and drainage works;
  3. Construction, maintenance and cleansing of public latrines, urinals and similar conveniences;
  4. Construction, maintenance, alteration and improvement of public streets and street furniture, bridges and culverts, flyovers, subways, cause-ways and the like;
  5. Naming of streets and numbering of premises;
  6. Lighting of public streets and other public places;
  7. Planting and care of trees on road-side and elsewhere;
  8. Construction and maintenance of municipal markets and slaughter houses and the regulation of all markets and slaughter houses;
  9. Maintenance of all monuments vested in the Municipality;
  10. Providing by itself or by an agency, means of supply of water for fire-fighting purposes
In The Sphere of Public Health and Sanitation :
  1. Collection, Removal and disposal of solid wastes including filth, rubbish and other obnoxious or polluted matters;
  2. Disposal of solid and liquid wastes consistent with efforts to cause recovery and re-use of all that can be salvaged;
  3. Reclamation of unhealthy localities, removal of noxious vegetation and abatement of all nuisances;
  4. Regulating and abating offensive and dangerous trades or practices;
  5. Cleansing of public streets and other public places;
  6. Ensuring the wholesomeness of water supplied for drinking and domestic purposes;
  7. Maintenance of all public tanks and regulating the re-excavation, repair and up-keep of all private tanks, wells and other sources of water supply on such terms and conditions as the Municipality may deem proper;
  8. Provide for places for the disposal of the dead and the regulation and maintenance of such places;
  9. Measures for preventing and checking the spread of dangerous diseases;
  10. Immunisation including public vaccination and inoculation;
  11. Removal and disposal of the unclaimed dead bodies and carcasses of all dead animals;
  12. Abatement of nuisances from birds and animals including dog menace;
  13. Conversion of all service privies into sanitary latrines and providing adequate facilities for sanitation so that open defecation may be completely done away with;
In The Sphere of Town Planning and Development :
  1. Devising town planning within the limits of the municipal area in accordance with the laws relating to town planning for the time being in force;
  2. Planned development of the borders of the municipal area in accordance with the laws applicable for the purpose;
  3. Improvement of bustees;
  4. Control of regular lines of streets;
  5. Control of all building operations and regulation of building uses;
  6. Co-operation of all over ground rights enjoyed by service agencies;
  7. Co-ordination of activities of agencies relating to laying and maintenance of underground pipelines tubes, cables and the like;
  8. Laying out and maintenance of public parks, squares, gardens or recreation areas;
  9. Re-development of congested areas for providing better living conditions;
  10. Planned development of new areas for human settlement;
  11. Preservation of monuments and places of historical, artistic and other importance;
  12. Measures for beautification of the township by setting up fountains and status, providing recreational areas, improving river banks, landscaping and the like;
In The Sphere of Administration :
  1. Survey of buildings and lands and preparation and maintenance from time to time of survey maps and plans of the town and other records relating to survey;
  2. Removal of Unauthorised encroachment on, or obstruction of public places;
  3. Securing or removal of dangerous buildings and places;
  4. Registration of births and deaths;
  5. Providing boundary marks for the municipal area;
  6. Drawing up an Annual Administration Report on the activities and performances of the Municipality and submission, in the manner prescribed, of such report to the State Government;
  7. Compilation and maintenance of records and statistics relating to the administrative functions of the Municipality;
  8. Maintenance and development of all properties vested in or entrusted with the management of the Municipality;
  9. Checking the construction of Unauthorised buildings and pulling down unlawful constructions;
  10. Ensuring the stoppage of wastage of water supply and other civic facilities;
  11. Protecting public properties in general and civic properties in particular;
  12. Abatement of pollutions of all kinds;
  13. Measures as may be required for fire prevention and fire safety under the West Bengal Fire Services Act, 1950, and the rules made there under;
  14. Providing for adequate training facilities for the municipal employees and equipping and motivating them for public service;
  15. Observance of occasions of national importance;
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