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Discretionary Function
In The Sphere of Public Works :
  1. Providing relief to and establishing and maintaining, in time of [famine, flood or earthquake], relief works for, destitute persons within the limits of the municipal area;
  2. Construction or maintenance of, or providing or giving aids for, passengers sheds, libraries, museums, community halls, offices, godowns, shops, markets, Dharmashalas, rest houses, sports complex, place of entertainment, swimming pools, public wash houses and bathing places and homes for the disabled and destitute and other public buildings designed for convenience of the community;
  3. Construction and maintenance of old age homes and orphanages, domiciliary care of the sick, orphan, destitute and aged people;
  4. Construction or maintenance of or providing aids to, hospital, dispensaries, Asylums, rescue homes, maternity houses and child welfare centres;
  5. Construction, purchase, organisation maintenance, extension and management of mechanically propelled transport facilities for the conveyance of the public;
  6. Construction, maintenance, repair, and purchase of any works for the supply of electrical energy or gas;
  7. Construction of dwellings for the inhabitants, specially low-cost dwellings for the socially backward classes or Citizens.
  8. Providing accommodation for all classes of employees of the Municipality.
In The Sphere of Education :
  1. Establishing and maintaining pre-primary schools such as balwadies and creches;
  2. Promotion of civic education, adult education, social education, non-formal education and the like;
  3. Promotion of cultural activities including music, physical education, sports and theatres;
  4. Advancement of science and technology in the way of life;
  5. Advancement of civic consciousness of public health and general welfare by organising discourses, seminars and conferences;
  6. Publication of municipal journals, periodicals and souvenirs, purchase of books and subscription to journals, magazines and newspapers;
In The Sphere of Public Health and Sanitation :
  1. Construction and maintenance of cattle pounds;
  2. Provision for unfiltered water-supply for non-domestic uses;
  3. Promotion of the use of bio-gas and other non-conventional energy sources;
  4. Provision for sewage treatment and preparation of compost manures from sewage and other refuse;
  5. Abatement of smoke nuisances;
  6. Setting up of milk dairies or farms (but not khatals) for supply, distribution and processing of milk or milk products for the benefit of the people;
  7. Ambulance service for carrying patients;
In The Sphere of Administration :
  1. Civic reception to persons of distinction and paying homage on death to persons of repute;
  2. Installation of statues, portraits and pictures in appropriate manner;
  3. Organisation and management of fairs and exhibitions;
  4. Organisation, establishment and maintenance of galleries and botanical or zoological collections;
  5. Construction and maintenance of garages and sheds and stands for vehicles;/li>
  6. Measures for eradication of addiction of all kinds like liquors and drugs;
  7. Organising voluntary labour and coordinating the activities of voluntary agencies for community welfare;
In The Sphere of Development
  1. Encouraging formation of co-operative societies and in particular, housing co-operative societies and assistance to such co-operative societies in construction of residential buildings;
  2. Providing Shelter for the homeless;
  3. Undertaking manufacturing of Building materials and their distribution at fair prices;
  4. Reclamation of Wastelands and promotion of social forestry;
  5. Establishing and maintaining nurseries for plants, vegetables and trees and promotion of greenery through mass participation;
  6. Organisation of Flower-shows and promotion of flower growing as a civic culture;
  7. Promotion of agriculture, Pisciculture, Horticulture, Poultry and improvement of Cattle Breed;
  8. Assistance to Small-Scale and cottage and craft industries.
  9. Programme for Liberation and Rehabilitation of scavengers and their families;
  10. Income-generating activities, particularly for the women belonging to the socially backward classes of Citizens;
  11. Integration of the development plants and schemes of the town with the district or regional development plan, if any;
Generally, taking all measures not specified in the foregoing provisions of this section, which are likely to promote public safety, health, convenience, education or welfare of the community.
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