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Historical Background

Legend says that towards the end of the 13th Century A.D., Maharaja Chandraketu of Deganga established a garh at Panihati. He placed an icon of Bhawani within the fort. The Bhawani Garh is somewhere in Ghoshpara to the north of Panihati, now as called Bhawanipur. Some says that the Kali image in the Pancharatna Temple of Trannath was once located in the palace of Chandraketu at Berachampa. During the Turko-Afghan raid some one had carried the image away and established the same here. The other version is that the idol belonged to the Gangulies of Baghbazar and was sent here during Maratha raids in the 18th Century.

Naming of the Places/ villages under Panihati Municipality
  1. Panihati was known as a leading trade/ Business centre in early days when the river route was a main means communication and even trade with east Bengal - Jessore was made. The town was known as ‘PANNYAHATI’ (Emporium for the Merchandise ). From that early name   this place is said to be converted as  PANIHATI later.
  2. In another version, a special rice named PENETI was imported at this place from Jessore district and the name PANIHATI might have a link with PENETI.
  3. Once this place was the centre of worship of the Buddhist Tantricts, the Shaibas, the Kapaliks and the Nathas. In the sixteenth century it was also known as a major centre of the Baisnabas. In that way, the place was very secret or  PUNNYA-HATTA (Holy place) and later on converted to Panihati.
  4. According to a famous linguistic expert and professor Dr. Paresh Chandra Majumder, the word PANIHATI was taken from the word PANYAHATTIC.
  1. Once upon a time a community named AGHORE, who were specialized in boat making, used to live here.
  2. Earlier this place was known as AGRRAPALLI from where the name has been changed into AGARPARA.
Once this place was famous for producing home-based sugar (Sharkara). From this SHARKARA the place might have been renamed as SUKCHAR. There is a opinion that the place was made of the sand of the river i.e, "Char" which was later on converted to SUKCHAR. In another version, the inhabitants of this place were rich through manufacturing & business and the people used to live in " Sukh" or "happily". Name of Sukchar name might have been obtained form "Sukh".
  1. Earlier  this place had a connection with the king of Krishnanagar, Raja Krishnachandra. From that connection the place might be known as KRISHNAPUR.
  2. It is said that the holy idol of Radha-Krishna had been established here. Besides, the holy Brahmins used to live here which was responsible for KRISHNAPUR.
  1. Earlier this place had nine garhs (forts); from which the place was known as NATAGARH.
  2. During the Mughal dynasty the local Bhuinyan or the Jaminders had built some short height forts for security purpose. In local language 'NATA' means 'short'. Thus the place was named, short-heighten fort - NATAGARH.
Earlier this place was connected with the Ganges through canals. The passengers used to refresh themselves with drinks made of Curds, named ‘GHOL’. From this GHOL the place got its name GHOLA.
The name of this place USHUMPUR was taken from OSHMANPUR, which was adopted from the name of the local Jaigirdar OSHMAN ALI KHAN.
The name TARAPUKUR was taken from TARA SHAH, who was the disciple of Mohiuddin Kader Gilani of Persia (now Iran). He used to live here, hence the place was known as TARAPUKURIA or TARAPUKUR.
Once a community named SAYYID used to live in this area from which the place was known as SAYYIDPUR or SODEPUR.
» The name of Sukchar, which belongs to Panihati Municipality was mentioned at the MANASA MANGAL KAVYA written by Bipradas Piplai in 1495 A.D.
» Panihati was mentioned at the CHAITANNYA MANGAL KAVYA written by Jayananda and Lochandas in the sixteenth century.
» Panihati was mentioned at SRI CHAITANNYA BHAGAWAT, written by Brindaban Das in 1548 A.D.
» Panihati had been mentioned at BANSI BISTAR, by Nityananda
» Panihati was mentioned at the VAISHNAVA NAMDEVA by Debaki Nandan
» Panihati was mentioned at a book named  SRI CHAITANYA CHARITAMMRITAM  written by Krishnadas Kabiraj within 1580-1610 A.D.
» Panihati was mentioned at the ancient books like BHAKTI RATNAKAR and CHAITANYA CHANDRODAY
Source Panihati Parikrama by Krishanu Bhattacharrya
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