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The Growth of Education in Panihati Municipal Area
  1. A primary school had set up at Panihati named Banga Vidyalaya in 1816 A.D. In 1902 A.D. it had shifted to the building of Trannath English High School and from 24th September, 1950 it had started running independently.

  2. In 1902 a primary school named Shibtala U. P. School was founded at Sukchar.

  3. About 150 years ago a primary school was built at Ghola called Ghola U. P. School.
  4. About 100 years ago a primary school was founded by Sashimukhi Devi at Natagarh.

  5. Pre-independently a school was built at Sodepur, named Sodepur Pally Pathsala.

  6. Earlier a Brahmah man called Nalin Dev Biswas had set up a primary school for girls at Narasingha Dutta Road of Sukchar beside the Ganga. Later it was taken over by the Panihati Municipality and renamed as Sukchar Nalin Smriti Primary School.
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