Religious Background
Religious Backgrounds of Panihati Municipal Area
  1. Raja Chandraketu of Berachampa-Deganga had established a fort at Panihati where he used to worship an idol of Kali, called ‘BHABANI’. The fort was called GARH BHABANI and since then that northern part of Panihati was called Bhawanipur. During the Muslim attack that Kali idol was lost and it was found by the famous Ganguly family of Baghbazar and they maintained it properly. Later the idol was set up beside the river  Ganga along with 3 Shiva temples called Mahakal which is now a renounced holy place of Panihati.
  2. About 250 years ago a local jamindar had established a Siddheswari Kali idol near the Mahotsabtala which was called DAKATE KALIBARI. It is said that, famous dacoit of history Raghu Dakat used to worship this idol. In 1929 A.D. Amritalal Mukherjee had set up a Shiva temple near the Kali temple.
  3. About 200 years ago Ishan Chandra Mukherjee and his brothers Kedarnath and Tailanganath had brought the black stone ( kasthi pathar ) from Varanashi and set up an Kali idol near Gobinda Home of Panihati.
  4. In 1902 a Kali temple was made and a Siddheswari Kali idol was set up beside the TUTESHWAR Shiva temple at the land of Raja Radhakanta Debbahadur. From 1944 the local Barowari Durga Puja was started at this place.
  5. In 1916 a local devotee Jatindra Mohan Ghosh had established a JOTIRMOYEE Kali idol at the south of Haridas Santra ghat  of Sukchar.
  6. In 1959 Smt. Subala Dasi of Khulna district (now in Bangladesh) had established a temple of PANCHAMURTI where goddess Kali was the main idol to worship.
  7. During the fifth decade, people coming from East Bengal had established a Kali temple at Rabindranath Tagore road of Sodepur, which is now known as SODEPURESWARI KALI  TEMPLE.
  1. The main Shiva temples of Panihati were established by Nabinchandra Dutta near the Harishchandra Dutta Ghat where 12 Shiivalingas were made of Nilkanthi Kashthi Pathar. These temples along with the ghat were very famous with their historical importance.
  2. Raja Raychand had established a Shiva temple called Jatileshwar Shiva temple in front of the Panihati Mahotsabtala ghat.
  3. In 1967 some local devotees of Sodepur Pally had established the Charaktalar Jora Shiv Mandir. It was inaugurated on 26th January in that year.
  1. During the Shukla Trayodashi Tithi in 1517A.D. Sri Nityananda Mahaprabhu had arrived at Panihati. Since then a great holy festival called DANDA MAHOTSAB is being organized with immense interest in Panihati. Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa had also come at this holy festival along with his followers for many times.
  2. Panihati is renounced as Sri Raghav Pandit Dham where the Abhishek Utsav of Sri Nityananda took place. Here the Radharaman idol of Raghunath Majumder was kept for worship which is still being maintained with great care. The Samadhi of Raghav Pandit is also set up at this place.
  3. On every Krishnadadashi tithi  of the month of Kartika, a holy festival is being celebrated in memory of the first arrival of  Sri Chaitanya at Panihati.
  4. During the festival of colour Pancham Dol is still being celebrated at the Dolmancha of Raghav Bhavan.
  5. Earlier a temple of Sri Radha Gobindaji along with the Rashmancha was established at Sukchar. Since then a festival is being arranged here on every month of Magha.
  6. A daily worship is being done still at the Radha Gobinda Temple made by the family of Joy Gopal Roy Choudhury in Panihati.
  7. Earlier the grand daughter of Rani Rashmoni Devi from Janbazar, Calcutta, Giribala Dasi  had established a Radha Gobindaji Temple alike the temple of Dakshineshwar. She also established 6 Shiva temples along with this. From 20th January,1985 these temples are maintained by the Bholagiri Ashram of Agarpara.
  1. Earlier a local devotee Sri Ramsankar Banerjee and his wife Smt. Haripriya Devi had introduced the first Durga Puja in Panihati. The Balidan (sacrifice) and Ashouch (maintaining sorrow) on the day of Dashami were the main characteristics of the puja.
  2. Sri Gouri Kanta Banerjee of Panihati had introduced the Durga Puja of Old villa. The main feature of this puja is that the carrier of Devi Durga is horse instead of lion.
  3. One of the oldest Durga Puja of Panihati was introduced by Nabin Chandra Ganguly. This puja is being celebrated publicly from 1934 A.D. and being popularly known as Panihati Sarbojanin Durgotsab.
  4. The first Durga Puja of Sodepur was held at the Chandi Mandap of the house of Sri Chandra Nath Ganguly in 1932 A.D. Later the puja was initially shifted near Uttar Pally and then after 10 years it was permanently shifted to the Sodepur Club House.
  1. The Shitala Puja of Sodepur Natagarh is very old as well as famous. It is said that, being invited by the Maharaja Krishna Chandra, Ramjiban Bidya Bahaspati  had established his residence at Krishnapur. His grandson Pitambar Bandyapadhyay was the organizer of this Shitala Puja.
  1. Earlier a saint Sri Nitya Gopal Mahaprabhu was born at Panihati Ghosh Para area. He was the contemporary of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa and was popularly known as Srimat Abadhut Janananda dev. His birth place was known as Kaiballya Math. It is run by Calcutta Mahanirvan Math from the year 1928.
  1. Once Anandamoyee Mata had arrived at the house of Bhupen Bose at Agarpara. Later a temple, an ashram and a Radha Krishna Temple was built there.
  1. On 8th June,1987 a temple of Sri Anukul Chandra, having five peaks was established at the rose garden of Kali Maa, set up by Trannath Banerjee of Panihati. Now it is run by ‘Barda’.
  1. On 5th November,1974 a Buddhist temple (Vihar) was established by Srimat Vinoypal Mahasthabir near H.B.Town-Ramkrishnapur at Sodepur.The vihar was known as the Ratnankur  Bouddha Bihar.This place is now known as Bodhikanan BaruaPara. The bronze idol of Buddha in this vihar was made by Sri Ratan Jyoti Vikshu of Sarnath.
  2. In 1975, the Buddhists came from Tripura and Assam and established Natagarh Bouddha Samity. That year the Dharmadhar Bouddha Vihar having an idol of Shibalee Mahasthabir was established here.
  1. In 1885 A.D. a rich Marwari organization, Calcutta Pinjrapole Society was formed by the Jain Marwari community to save the old cattle from death. Near the Sodepur Rail Station they set up a large place called Goshala, where a big fair (Gopastami Mela) is celebrated every year.
  1. In 1837 A.D. Mrs. Mery Aam Willson had established a 74 feet high Girza (church) along with a missionary school and an girls’ orphanage at Agarpara.
  2. A British bunglow was set up at bank of river Ganga at Sukchar which was called Saheb Bagan.
  3. A church was established at the Ramchandrapur area of Panihati Municipal Area.
  1. A mosque was founded by Imam Deedar Baux at Agarpara Mollarhat area near B. T. Rd. This mosque was called Minar Masjid which is now controlled by Tentultala Masjid Committee.
  2. In 1909, Eelahi Baux Kalakar and  Noor Mahammad Ali had took the initiative to set up a mosque near Natagarh, called Ghola Bazar Masjid which is now under the Natagarh Masjid Committee.
  3. During the end of 19th centuty, a mosque was set up at Mohishpota Namaj Para.
  4. About 100 years ago, a mosque was established at the eastern part of B. T. Road. It was called B. T. Road Masjid, found by Kashim Miyan, Mohammad Jiayool Khan, Seikh Abul Gauffar Khan. Now it is run by Baiban Khan.
  5. In 1953 a mosque was established at Ghola area called Ghola Muslimpara Masjid. It was run by a rural samity. In 1968 the Municipality had set up a grave yard near it.
  6. About 400 years ago the Shia community among the Muslim religion had built a mosque at Mollarhat near B. T. Road. It was known as Karbala Masjid.
  7. About 300 years ago Tara Shah founded a mosque near Agarpara Station. He was a follower of the famous Sufi Pir of the Turk-Afgan era, Mohiuddin Kader Jilani Chistia. There is a Samadhi of Tara Shah inside the masjid. The place is now known as Tarapukur. Every year a fair called ‘Murgir Mela’ occurs at this place.
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