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Rabindranath Tagore at Panihati

Peneti or Panihati has a special place in the life of Rabindra Nath as depicted by Rabindra Nath in his book (Jibon Smriti or My reminiscences).

Rabindranath Tagore visited this garden house in his boyhood in order to avoid an epidemic of Dengu fever, than prevailing (1971-72) in Calcutta. That was his first acquaintance with the outside world. He visited this place for the second time on 29 May 1919, that is, the day preceding 30 May 1919 when he forsook the Knighthood in protest against the Jalianwallabagh killing in Punjab. He was accompanied by P.C. Mahalanbis at that time. He visited this building for the third time on 5 March 1933 to attend the marriage ceremony of a girl of the Ashram. He also planted a mango tree there on that day.

It has some marble rooms and 2 tanks within the area. It has altogether 14 living rooms and 2 halls at present (1977). Rabindranath in his boyhood days at the age of 11 years first came to Peneti Bagan bari which he referred in his book "Jibon Smriti" later on, which gives a very fond memory of Kabiguru about Peneti or Panihati.

An imposing two-storied building with big columns and a spacious garden, on the bank of the river, now houses Gobinda Kumar Home. This building was once a garden house of Asutosh De, son of the merchant Ramdulal De of Calcutta. It was then called Mokshadham, though people called it Chhatubabu's garden house after Asutosh Deb who was called Chhatubabu or Satubabu. Gobinda Kumar Chaudhuri, the zamindar of Serpur in Mymensingh District (Bangladesh) purchased the garden house on 22 February 1886. His son Gopal Das Chaudhury handed it over on 29 March 1928 to a Board of Trustees to establish Gobinda Kumar Home after the name of his father, housing destitute women.
The Gobinda Home has been declared as the heritage home.

He inaugurated the Basanti Cotton Mill in Panihati on 8 August 1934.
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Sri Rabindranath Tagore
Born on 7th May 1861
The nation celebrates 150 Years birth centenary in 2010
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