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Various Fairs of Panihati Municipal Area
  1. Since long (about 500 years past), Panihati is famous for a great fair called "Chira Utsab"/ “DANDA MAHOTSAB”. This fair is related to Sri Chaitannya Mahaprabhu and Sri Nityananda Mahaprabhu, having an immense religious value for the Vaisnavs. The fair is organised in the Month of Jaistha on Shukla Troyodoshi Tithi or June Month every year. This festival is held at the River bank of the Ganges at Mahotsob Ghat. Sri Ramkrishna Paramsansha use to perticipate in this festival with His disciples and Bhaktos which included Rakhal Chandra, Girish Chandra Ghosh, Narendra Nath Dutta (Swami Vivekananda), Mahendra Nath Dutta and others. Mention of this has been made at Sri Ramkrishna Kathamrita and Sri Sri Ramkrishna Lila Prosongo. This festival is very important event which is held in various places around the world - India and USA. People from far distances of the West Bengal and Foreign disciples perticipate in this festival. Panihati Chira Mahotsav at the world..

    Chida Utsav at Panihati - 2015 Photo Gallery - Part 1 || Part 2

    Sri Chaitannya Mahaprabhu and Sri Nityananda Mahaprabhu
    Sri Ramkrishna

  2. A great fair of the “RASJATRA MELA” has been organising by the Roy Chowhdury family of Panihati every year since long ago.

  3. A great fair in the name of Lord Shiva has been taking place at Sukchar is called “CHARAK-SANCRANTI MELA”, which plays a great role in Hindu religious belief.

  4. Since 1890, a great fair has been organizing by Kolkata Pinjrapole Society at Sodepur, called “GOPASTOMI MELA”. This fair is concerned for the welfare of the cattle, arranged by the Marwari community of Kolkata.

  5. Since long past a fair related to the Buddhism has been organizing at H.B.Town of Sodepur. This fair is known as “BUDDHA MELA”.

  6. There is a chariot fair takes place at Panchanantala of Natagarh every year, which is called “RATHER MELA”. It had an early social and cultural importance.

  7. A great fair is going to be organize by the local Muslim community near the darga of Tara Shah Pir at Agarpara every year. This fair is called as “MURGIR MELA”.

  8. A big fair takes place at Mollarhat in Agarpara in the occasion of MUHARAM.

  9. From 1987 a new addition had made among the local fairs which was “PANIHATI BOOK FAIR”. Today it is very popular and famous with its own cultural aspects.

  10. Charak Mela at Sukchar Kalitala (Word No.- 1)

  11. Harishava Utsav Sukchar Teor Para

  12. Panihati Mela

  13. Panihati Puspa Mela

  14. Verious cultural Programme at Loksanskriti Bhavan
Panihati Mela
Charak Utsav
Charak Utsav
Charak Utsav
Durga puja
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